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Lily's heartbreak and Blaine's shame... where does it go from here?!

Below is the picture that started it all...

It is a scene that would not be out of place in most restaurants today, a couple enjoying a fine meal with copious amounts of wine, the reality however was much more sinister. The woman with Blaine Van Dyck has never been revealed, but it was widely reported to be his secretary. Of course whisperings and rumors of Blaine's infidelity had been circulating for years before this photo was captured, but this one photo seemed to seal his fate... however, with no real proof that Blaine had been unfaithful Lily took him back and all was forgotten, until now that is. I spoke to an employee of Blaine and he had this to say:

"Oh sure, everyone around here knows Blaine has been cheating on his fiancé for years, but of course nobody would dare to say anything since he's the boss, oh, wait, you're not a reporter are you?!"- Anonymous employee of Blaine

The cat is out of the bag and Blaine has been exposed. Below is the photo I can exclusively reveal is definitive proof of Blaine's infidelity.

I reached out to Blaine for comment and received this from his lawyer:

"My client has nothing further to add to these vicious, unfounded and blatant lies other than the woman was his personal assistant and not his secretary"- Blaine's lawyer

Well well well... make of that what you will dear readers... it seems like this story has not quite reached it's happily ever after.


Remember: It's not gossip if it's vaguely based on a true story

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