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Holly went under the knife! This is my EXXXCLUSIVE story with pictures!

Mention the name Holly Roberts to anyone on the street and the most likely response will be "Is she still alive?!" Holly Roberts is in fact very much still alive and has recently returned to California to torment (visit) her daughter Lily Roberts.

While in town, Holly learned of a new craze sweeping the west coast, it's called Hippoplasty and fast becoming a "must-try" among the Hollywood elite. You may have heard of Rhinoplasty (a surgery which changes the shape of the nose); Hippoplasty however, changes the shape of everything except the skull and buttocks. This procedure has yet to be approved by any sane medical board, but one clinic is defying all "laws" and "ethical standards" and is hoping to achieve remarkable results. You may think a procedure of this magnitude would have been extremely daunting, but Dr. John Doe is not concerned:

"We in the industry have very specialist training equipment... one apparatus in particular is called 'Operation' and I have not lost a whole patient yet" - Dr. John Doe

One look at Dr. Doe's medical certificate however should be enough to dissuade any potential patients that he is in any way capable of performing a Hippoplasty, or any other plasty for that matter.

All these factors did not deter Holly though, and while she is recovering in her specialist unit she has definitely not lost her chutzpah. Although traumatically, she is unable to watch re-runs of her favourite show, Nip-Tuck, as there is no signal in the clinic.

Dr. John Doe is fairly confident she will make a full recovery. You can be sure we will bring you any updates we get, whether from Holly or other sources.

Dirk Remember: It's not gossip if it's vaguely based on a true story

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