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Dancing and enjoying themselves, the madness!

Well here you have it folks... society as we know it is going off the rails. Now you know I love a good story and my super sleuth fans have not disappointed me this time...

"We were out having a nice quiet drink in a bar that we love and then these three ladies came in and took over the dance floor. Of course we recognized them at once and couldn't believe our eyes" - Gertrude Varley

Gertrude Varley spotted Lily Roberts and friends out dancing and enjoying themselves and captured footage and pictures. You can view them below. It is just shameful with everything going on in their lives that they would act this way so publicly.

I would hazard a guess that law enforcement got involved at some point, but I would hate to spread any false details. Of course I will bring you more on this shocking story as it develops.


Remember: It's not gossip if it's vaguely based on a true story



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